In World Restaurant Always you can for a fixed amount that you pay in advance at the entrance, you can eat the delicious dishes from different continents. Even all kinds of soft drinks, juices, wine, beer, coffee and tea are included in the package price. Other alcoholic drinks you can get at a discounted price at the bar d.m.v a drankenpas. Delicacies from the Chinese-, French-, Italian-, Japanese-, Indisch- Mediterranean - and Dutch cuisine. Apart from the various buffets (appetizers, entrees, seafood, sushi, fruit, dessert and ice cream and children's buffet) is also 'live' cooked for you by our chefs: Stir-frying, grilling, Teppanyaki etc.

Halal certified chicken

The chicken in our restaurant meets halal requirements and is Halal certified. An ideal way to indefinitely enjoy all kinds of food and drink for a fixed price. You can choose between a package of 2 hours or 2 1/2 hours.

Birthday today? Dine at Always free!

Are you birthday on the day of your visit with us? We will treat you to a free dinner! Valid from 4 full fare paying persons. Just do not forget beforehand to show a valid ID.

Prices wereldrestaurant Altijd 2 hours 2,5 hours 3 hours
Mo to Thu € 29,50 € 32,50 € 35,50
from Fr to as well as holidays (m.u.v. de Kerstdagen) € 31,50 € 34,50 € 37,50
Kids from 0 / m 3 (all week) €  2,00 €  3,00 €  4,00
Kids from 4 t/m 7 (all week) € 11,30 € 13,50 € 15,50
Kids from 8 t/m 11 (all week) € 16,50 € 18,50 € 20,50
65+ benefit from Mo to Thu € 2,- discount  

On Friday / Sunday: 1st session from 17:00 to 19:00 or 19:30 2nd session from 19:30 to 22:00

Christmas prices wereldrestaurant Altijd    
Kinderen t/m 3 jaar € 10,00  
Kinderen 4 t/m 11 jaar € 19,50  
Volwassenen € 42,50  
1e zitting from 16:30 tot 19:00 uur  2e zitting from 19:45 tot 22:15 uur    
Price drinks alcohol screening    
Port, Sherry, Martini   €3,00  
Foreign spirits €4,00  
liqueurs   €3,50  
Whiskeys   €5,00  
Cognacs   €6,00

Group discounts*

At 10 persons 1 free!
At 20 persons 2 free!
At 30 persons 3 free!

*Group discounts conditions: Not in combination with other discounts/actions and a minimal of 10 paying persons.

If you use a Groupon action, you must first reserve on the Groupon website. You can not with a Groupon action book with us. Other action and discounts apply with a Groupon action anymore.